People Say

?I was having a little bit of a time deciding on what shop to take my boat to when my neighbor, Stan, told me about Snubber Technical Services LLC. After he told me they do mobile repairs, I was sold. They sent out two technicians, Brian and Terry, and they made it a point to show me everything that was going on. They got the engine repaired in a couple hours and it didn?t cost me all that much. Expertise, honesty and value - You can?t ask for more.?

- Gavin A




Find out how the Snubber curing system will improve the quality of your product

Our customer-driven improvement methodology starts with you

  • Peak of cure determined by sensor arrays that relay data remotely
  • Stainless steel containers maintain standard of cleanliness
  • Reduction in cure time from 14-21 days to 6-8 days

The result is a decrease in required labor and time to market plus an exponetial increase in product quality, thus culminating a faster return on investment.